Living Water Industries, LLC

This drainage system consists of a drain that flows from the gutter into a 4" pipe and under the walkway. The pipe empties through a pop-up and into a dry river bed. The water then flows to an area of trees.

A French drain can either have water enter from a downspout or from a low area where water gathers and enters through a grate. The drain allows the water to leach out of the pipe as it flows  into stone / pea gravel which is installed around the pipe.


​Drains are very useful for sending rainwater away from the foundation of a home. The pictured drains were installed under grade. There is a tight transition from the downspout to the drain. The drain conveyance is made from PVC and is available in 3" and 4". These drains are often put under walkways to take the water into an area for proper drainage.  

​Dry River Bed

​​French Drain